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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  February 10, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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>> reporter: the fire killed
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one of the two dogs. so what caused the fire? investigators are looking into that . the six men thought to be holding up inside the house robbed a man through craigslist earlier this the day. >> the victim stated that six males, mixed races, all armed robbed and beat him then left the scene in a green vehicle with chrome rims. >> reporter: police say it's the second craigslist robbery in vallejo in a month. the family that lived here wasn't home at the time, and they tell me they don't know who the suspects are and why they came here. san francisco 's fire department has a new report detailing what happened at a deadly house fire where two firefighters lost their lives.
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it happened last june in the diamond heights neighborhood. the report says the two firefighters died of extreme heat. during the fire, a window blew out, creating a hole in the home that kept feeding oxygen to the fire. the report says this helped to raise temperatures inside the home, 200 to 700 degrees. >> it's a key factor with something that was a variable that we had no control over, and that was the failure of the window. we have 25 recommendations that the safety team made, well on our way to developing some of the new policies. >> some of the new policies include specialized training, buying specialized gear, and enacting new policy standards. a school lockdown came to a safe end today in burlingame. an anonymous e-mail claiming to be from a student threatened to have a bomb and a gun. the students were released to their
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parents. after a thorough sweep, they found no sign of bombs or guns. it was sent from a student's e-mail who was in class at the time it was sent. the student claims he did not send it. in redwood city, a special education teacher is accused of physically abusing young students. alexia bogdis is accused of hitting a student and depriving another of food. she faces counts of child cruelty and battery. kron >> reporter: more employees from the special needs school have been placed on administrative leave. this follows last week's arrest of special needs teacher, alexia bogdis, who's accused of
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slapping and kicking two 5-year-old autistic boys and depriving them of food. >> when that teacher was in the room, so were others. when that teacher did something, other people saw it. >> reporter: attorney chris dolean represents the family of one of the victims. he believes the teachers on leave are aids who saw the abuse and did nothing. >> i am outraged the school district would either fail to train its people or provide them with an avenue to complain, that the people were so blase that they would stand by and watch children be abused. >> reporter: dollan says the district has not been paying attention. he showed three letters dating back to 2009 with the child's parents have voiced concern about the teacher. >> it complained about her, complained about their son coming home hungry with his lunch box full.
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of and the mother would try to talk to the teacher, and the teacher said she didn't want to talk to the mother anymore because she thought she was overprotective. >> reporter: in the meantime, the teacher accuseded of the barks -- accused of the abuse is schedule said to be arraigned march 1st. she faces four counts of battery and counts of child endangerment on school grounds new details in a cold kidnapping case after a skull is found in a related search. michaela garrett was last seen in hayward. shermantine said his former accomplice kidnapped garrett. loren herzog and shermantine were convicted in several murders in a team dubbed the "speed freak killers". investigators found a partial
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skull and bones there, this is the second skull discovered with his assistance. on thursday, are investigators found remains at a property owned by his family. investigators believe that those were the bones of a woman last seen in 1998, her name was cindy vanderheiden. police will wait for more information about michaela garrett before they take action on shermantine's claims we saw rain out there today, and we could see more into the overnight hours. we'll talk more about that coming up. coming up , a san francisco mansion has some dark secrets. we'll take you inside and show you what happened there. if you're dying to get your hands on the new ipad 3, gabe slate tells us when it might go on sale. coming up later in this broadcast, the bay area kid, another great night versus kobe
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bryant, jeremy lin in new york. and also tiger woods in pretty good position thea the at&t.
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in one week, the bay bridge will face another major closure. caltrans will shut down all westbound traffic on the bridge over the president's day weekend. >> reporter: starting at 8:00 pm on friday, february 17th, the westbound leaderships or upper deck of the bay bridge will be shut down. the closure is expected to last until 5:00 am on tuesday, february 21st. the eastbound lanes will remain open during the five days. the closure is necessary because caltrans needs to finish building a short detour, here, just west of the toll plaza. when it's complete, crews will then remove this section of the old roadway, allowing them to connect the new eastern span of the bay bridge
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toster state 80 -- to interstate 80. >> reporter: caltrans has warned that the closure times are subject to change if there's a problem with the weather or other unforeseen circumstances. we saw some light sprinkles out there today. but wet weather this weekend? looks like it. give your loved ones what they really want!
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if you're about to buy an ipad two, you should wait. the ipad three should be coming out soon. it was almost a year ago when steve jobs took the stage on march 2nd, 2011, to show off the ipad two. we expect apple to follow the time line of the first two models and unveil the ipad three in the first week of march. here's the new features i think we can expect in the new
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ipad. tell be thinner, lighter, and faster. if it has apple's next generation chip built in, that would make it about twice as fast. know improved camera on -- an improved camera. a retina display like in the iphone four. i think apple will add the voice assistant feature. and nfc technology will most likely be added for making mobile payments. the next two things i'm not so sure about, are the rumor is buzzing about them. 3 d. and the second rumor is there might be a cheaper, smaller model introduced to compete with amazon's kindle fire tablet. it has chipped away a little bit at the ipad market share. maybe apple will release a cheaper, smaller ipad.
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a live look outside. another impulse heading toward the bay area could bring us showers overnight. we have seen some light showers, even just in the past hour near palo alto. you can see here into the 3:00 hour, light rain continuing into livermore. spotty at best. into the 5:00 hour tomorrow morning, continuing along the coastline. by the 8:00 hour, same deal. showers should start to diminish into the later morning hours. future cast does pick up a couple returns into the noon hour. but i think we'll largely be dry after 10:00 in the morning. right now, temperatures are staying mild with cloud cover overhead in most locations. tomorrow afternoon, not too warm. maybe in the upper 40s, but we're not gone abouta rebound too well until the afternoon tomorrow.
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upper 50s and low 60s. 59 in livermore and fremont. 53 in oakland. in the north bay, 50s and 60s as well. 57 in san francisco, 60 in can cord. decrease -- concord. despite the subshine, temperatures still staying cool. sunday evening into monday morning, still widespread rain. monday is going to be a cool day once the storm passes through. but conditions are expected to improve into next week. by the end of the week, sunny skies and mild temperatures. you likely heard the phrase "if these walls could talk." in one san francisco home, the murals don't talk, but they do steal a story. a multimillion dollar mansion rich in bay area history. >> we have always wondered and wanted to know more about the history of the house. ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> it has been told, and history thinks that any time
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there was a speak easy, there was a brothel. and on the floor above us, there were original at least eight bedrooms. that seems like it might be true. we are in san francisco. on the southern border of the presidio, which is the only national park in the united states that's actually in a city. so it's unique to have a view of a forest while living inside a major city. the house was built in 1913. so it's ninety-nine years old. the house is four-stories. it's over 5,000 square feet. it has four formal bedrooms. then there's a room that we use at the gym. and there's a room we use as an office. then the in-door swimming pool. and the speak easy is the room that everybody loves. it's large, high ceilings. when we bought the house, there were no windows in the room. in 2005, we updated the speak easy. but we have left the bar and the band stand
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is the same size bar you would have in a restaurant. the original piano is still there. we've added the theatre to the room so you can watch films. it's a great room to entertain in. the story that came with the house is that when the police came to raid the speak easy, someone at the front door could push a button, and the lights on the bar would flicker, and people would know that it was time to run out the doors. and there are two doors plus a secret passageway for people to leave as quickly as possible. the price for the house is $4 million. and compared to other houses in san francisco, it is a tremendous amount of house for that amount of money. >> there it is ! gary is up next with pebble beach highlight, including tiger woods' second round. and if you didn't know jeremy lin's name before, you know it now. how the pride of palo alto has taken over new york.
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good evening, everybody. young man from palo alto has become the talk of the sports world. jeremy lin on the front page of all the new york papers, taking on kobe bryant tonight and the lakers. bryant, at least last night, pretended he didn't know anything about lin. i'm sure he had to know him tonight. 38 point, 7 assist, 4 robots. bryant had 34 point, only shot 11 from 29. this is something -- lin said he thought ten days ago he might get cut by the knicks! same thing happened with the warriors. all of a sudden, they give him a chance. 89 points in his first three starts. he played a fourth game, knicks 4 and 0. >> this is it , right here. this is my dream. and i'm just thankful to god, man, because
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this is my dream being lived out. and i'm so thankful for that. >> jeremy lin and the knicks, you start looking forward. they'll be in minnesota tomorrow night to take on the timberwolves. at the at&t, the gray whale, you know you're looking at the monterey bay, and here comes woods. a four birdie, 2-bogey round. he played monterey peninsula today. he'll be at pebble beach tomorrow. and on sunday, woods at 68, nicholson is seven under. and charls we is on the -- charlie shoots 16, three strokes under -- 69, three strokes under par. tiger woods is six pack at pebble beach.
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the 49 er todd mclellan, underlying heat, people expect the sharks to win the stanley cup this year. or at least people in san jose do. it's 4-3, chicago is kind of in trouble here. jamie mcginn is going to get the better of brian mcnel. 5-3, sharks win. they are 30, 16, and
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